Kinana is a member of the New Fairy Tail Guild, a former member of Fairy Tail and the former pet of Oración Seis member, Cobra, later being his love interest. Unlike most other members of New Fairy Tail, she severs the guild as an employee, rather than as a Mage.

Profile and StatsEdit

Name: Kinana

Alias: Cubellios, Frilly Overall Idol

Classification: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Height: 167 cm (5'6")

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs.)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Purple

Affiliation: New Fairy Tail; formerly Fairy Tail

Base of Operations: New Fairy Tail Building, Manhattan, New York City, New York

Class: D-Class

Status: Alive

Voice Actor: Lara Woodhull

Power RankingEdit

  • Attack Potency: Human level
  • Speed: Peak Human
  • Lifting Strength: Unknown
  • Striking Strength: Unknown
  • Durability: Unknown
  • Stamina: Normal
  • Range: Several Meters with rocks
  • Intelligence: Normal


Kinana is a petite, voluptuous girl of average height with slightly long, violet-colored hair, fair skin and green eyes. Her attire consists of a lime green-colored blouse with a green neckline and trim, which is complimented by a long, white skirt. She is also seen wearing green boots.


Kinana has a habit of ending all her sentences with "-kina". She has a very quiet and mild-mannered personality, eager to help out at the guild when she can. When her comrades are in danger, she is willing to go as far as to meekly throw rocks at her enemies, showing her willingness to risk her own safety even without the ability to properly use Magic.



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